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I doubt this would help veterans but as a new player a couple of simple things that would help imo.


- When ingame, pressing ctrl to check my torp range etc, should recenter the mouse cursor on each press and release.

'Losing' my cursor constantly when trying to check information while playing. If it recentered each time I held down ctrl, then i know it would just be a down and left movement to get to shells for example. It is centred the first time ctrl is pushed which is cool, but in 10sec when my goldfish brain has forgotten the information and i have to press ctrl then second or third time I could have left it anywhere.


- When ingame, pressing ctrl should show more information of each item ie., shell cailber, shell velocity etc

Increasing the amount of information available in game would help massively for getting past the deckhand stage of play. After figuring out how to NOT plow into islands and torp your team mates the game has alot of information that you need to take into account. Take shell caliber for example, after watching hours tutorials and youtubes the over pen mechanic becomes familiar and something you start thinking about. Ok you might only remember about it when you see 'overpen' popping, but its at that point you want to hold ctrl and check exactly how big my shells are. Sure, you will still have to get the enemy armour from the shipyard, but you would have learned (hopefully after the 78th time) what your caliber was. It would be nice to see all the information i can see back in port ingame aswell.



One of the best fetures imo that wows has implemented is the positive feedback system. That I can compliment players is the balance that so many complaint systems dont have and one that i feel helps. That generally people will press F10 at start of map for example increases the enjoyable atmosphere of playing.

The coop battle feature to give players some where to learn is excellent and the operation of the week is also a great idea and gives something lower tier players to aim for and benifit from.

Arsonal has been a big mess since i started and has only become reasonably cohearent after spending alot of time in there but I get that it really is more for late game players.

And finally, as requested by fellow newbie captain, more credits in base containers please. Happy to invest real money in a game i enjoy but creds feel a little disproporinate atm :)


Fair seas and tight sheets o7

Captain Loose Lips



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