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Selling equipped ships

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I have noticed that when trying to sell an unwanted ship to create an empty dock for a new ship, that if you have fitted any of the extra equipment, you have to pay piasters to remove it before you can sell the ship.


In WoT you have the option to remove equipment, for a gold payment, or you can destroy the equipment.


Can the Devs put this option into WoWs as well?


We know how WG like to sell their on-line gold or piasters, but please allow for those who are low on piasters as well. 


Nevermind.  I found the destroy option.



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I have also brought up the bad interface design in my topic here : http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/3179-interface-changes-in-interface-components-suggestions/page__fromsearch__1


I hope WG can change it and make it easier for players to destroy/demount stuff.

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