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[Guide]How to Iowa and Montana

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Here are my stats.


Avg. Experience    2,383.42
Avg. Damage caused    108,519.02


Not the best, but OK.So it may be helpful.


Some people call Iowa and Montana "T11 and T12" CA. That's true because they played like CA too. They have awesome AA, concealment, and speed. But their guns are not so powerful when engaging enemy BBs due to relatively  "small" calibers.

And their trajectory is somewhat "awful": Too slow to land on the enemy, giving enemy extra time to escape.  Also too high to citadel enemy BB at long range.

Caliber is also a problem. Can't overmatch CA's 30 mm. 


However, you can make a difference.


1.Your unique ballistic performance can help you DS enemy CA that hide behind a mountain (your AP can fly over) and citadel a bow-on Moskva /DM/whatever(406 can still overmatch 27mm , your shell land the 25mm part of Moskva instead of the 50 mm bottom)


2.Your good speed and concealment can help you arrive at enemy BB's broadside without being noticed, and actually citadel enemy is pretty easy within 16km.


So my suggestion is:


Don't sit still, get moving and fight a good sniping position.


Take Spotting Aircraft in order to snipe the CA's hiding behind mountains. (Your AA is already good enough)


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I've tried putting this into practice because I've bought Montana, but I keep getting my ass kicked.... I can live longer in my Iowa than I can in Montana...

Anyone have any more tips/pointers?

(Refreshing NON-CV thread)



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