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Exeter Part 3 Stage 3 -not counting main battery hits

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So i have reached this stage 3/4 part 3 of Exeter's Last Stand. 

I have hit the enemy with Main Battery Guns - 98 times as 2nd screen shot suggests but they are not counting towards the mission. Those hits scored yesterday have also not counted but i don't have screenshots for the same. 

Are we suppose to get 1000 main battery hits in single battle ? 

If it is over n number of battles then why it is not being counted ?

Some clarification will be helpful

edit - its tier 6-8 

Sorry for my ignorance. i was absent minded. Huge, colossal mistake. Forgive me 😞

For Sincere Apologies to all
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You are using T10 ship should be T6 to T8 ship that may help


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It says tier 6 to 8 ships; the Minotaur is Tier 10, hence it is not eligible for the mission.


Bust out your Tier 6-8 British ships if you have them.



EDIT: Damn, beaten by RX83 and Area51.

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