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Why so little ship info please fix!

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Hello Devs and fellow Captains.


A rant about the lack of intel on ships.


For example I look in store i see Exeter.

Ok so maybe i want to buy Exeter.

So i read it history hmm interesting by historical part of the gaming experience for some.

I read in the news about main guns and AA etc...






I'll put it to you this way.

Would you buy a car without knowing'

How safe it is

How fast or many miles to the gallon it gets

how easy is it to 3 point or U turn..

? hmm


To add to this mess, which seriously is a massive oversight, if the Devs / Admin had took the time to stand back and look at the game as a new player point of view you'd have noticed. 

There is a heck of a lot of ships that have or were sold that are not listed in the tech tree. 

How is one to fine out information about these ships and then use that information in battle?


How many players % are actually going to want to take time to leave the game and go to the wiki or portal to fine out all this intel? or even are aware that information maybe available.

How many games have been won or lost because of this missing info?


How many players suffer through lack of this knowledge as counter playing other ships, > That they have no info about unless you own them > have to buy them to see what modules they have, really grinds my gears!

Like why do I have to buy a ship to then find out what it is capable of?  So I have any in game knowledge about it when trying to counter it!! 


Where is the common sense in not knowing  what a ship is fully capable of, its strengths and weakness's before buying it?? 

It only discourages wanting to buy a ship, certainly for $!

Where is this  all info about all ships available and actually in game!   The Golden rule here is players should never have to leave the game.  Especially to find out info about the games ships!.


WG has sort of cut its own throat by doing this. 


WG has seriously missed catching these things and is no doubt suffering, certainly not benefiting the uniformed players satisfaction, or economically.

Some totally illogical reason, hiding the very information which should be a ships selling points! right??  Giving all the info! 


WG you dropped the ball, a player should never leave the game, for any reason!

You keep them focused  in game ! Throw as many events and pseudo deals aka loot crate variables as you can at the players for WG $ income, its'the way of all free to play games!


Every time a player leaves the game, there is only another chance for them to get side tracked, put on other playlist or look for music, check social media etc..

If an account is not absorbed in game, in either the interface or in game play,  they are not exposed to an opportunity to buy the over priced products is reduced! 

This is precisely why a players time out of the game should be reduced to the least, if any at all! During  the time they've allocated to play this title.


I remember the first time I watched in game event or content about this title  in youtube, i thought how cheap  and tacky! This is the first title I've ever seen a game do this!

Get your own content Server all ready!    Blade servers are being sold all the time, get some new hard drives and some redundant ones and away you go for a few K in USD, there's really no excuse.

Even second hand servers will be coming out in the market now! being March and the end of the financial year!  

No more tacky off site Youtube distractions!   These end showing other topics, not game content!!! which show in the background after WOWS content  This is only an opportunity to side track your viewers from the game -S! 

No excuses keep player focus on game!


What is WG marketing team thinking! why haven't they bought this up with management!


Never let players leave game! or have to to find out information that should be in game! >> Including ships no longer sold or premiums no longer sold that they will face in battle!

Players need this info > most readily accessible via the tech tree (if only you didn't have to buy a ship to see what its modules etc are =.-= !  Its Ridiculous!


So instead of noting these seemingly obvious short falls, I also have a solution.  


Tech tree is your one stop shop!

Possibly depending on player opinion. do away with annoying carousel!


Tech Tree is could be altered so it the way you: 

Select a ship  (its so easy the whole nation is right there no scrolling or having to select or refine ships! you see everything! Click done!)  2 clicks Nation  / ship easy!   

Instead of Click carousel options, Click nation. Click Refine by class and Click ship.

Tech tree BOOM its all right there Nation / Select A ship and It has ALL ship info and ALL SHIPS, modules citadels everything, only need to click on it, IF YOU OWN IT OR NOT! 

Give 0 reasons to leave game!  or risk  losing -$ every single time.

All info including all ship layout plans specifications must be in game!!.


Ok, WG you been told what could be drastically improved for your own $ benefit and also for the players some thorough intel on everything!  Again all ships! discontented to! anything you might fight against.

The Tech tree thing is only my preference, Ive gotten into the habit of using it, over a 4 high stacked carousel, but as for listing all the ships, modules specs showing its AA and Torp ranges its layout of citadel etc... im pretty adamant that needs to happen.


Yes I am well aware there is a large number of ships, but there is also a large number of vacant places in nearly all tech trees.

Players will only get less enjoyment not having this sort of info and some people like myself who do buy ships do so with some concern not knowing 100% what they're getting into.

And n the case of the Exeter being a VI and therefore more likely to get up 7 and 8's  I've decided not to purchase it and keep my money.  GG for my wallet.


Fair seas and a following wind .


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Aslain's Mod Pack has a comprehensive Tech Tree. It contains the information on most ships, past and present. It also has Ships which are a "Work in Progress". The Exeter is included with the usual information panel on the right side of the Port Screen.



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For comprehensive ship stats go here:


I never buy any prem boats without going to the wows wiki first. WG marketing speak makes any ship sound absolutely amazing even if it is junk. 

I also have Aslains modpack which is excellent for the extended tech tree alone, but offers so much more.

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Thank you for the replies and intel. ^


WG still dropped the ball tho, shouldn't have to add or download extra things, the game is incomplete if you have to use non WG created content / mods to view what should logically be in game.


This having to watch the games updates and other game info on youtube does grind my gears!

Having to use third party mods, to view what should be part of the title by default, does nothing to enhance my opinion about WG wows title production value.

The content is on a steadily increasing upwards cost curve, where now a single ship can cost as much if not more, than a AAA New game release.   

WG seems to exude a lack of willingness to look after basics of the game  / title in comparison to its competition!


The info about reduction is credits for things such as camos in the inventory and subtle increases in other area's seems to never be added in the "News"..   

This does not encourage a thought process that WG is honest, rather than it is devious and dubious at best.

This is another factor to add to the players opinion about the title - especially in conjunction with the games increase in its costs curve... 


Again these new players wont have a clue about these things and without it many will surely get frustrated side tracked annoyed and potentially just leave.

New players have to be aware of something to look it up..  If youre new and a noob you know 0.. "oh i suck at this game"..next game title.

 I do seriously like this title, but the management of the basics, which there are many for a newer player to appreciate are missing and players dont even know to go looking for information.or mod packs.


Thus this means an increase in % of lack in player retention and less opportunity to earn even more $ for the title

The stunning lack of recognizing this information by WG  ^ cant help this title and will over time not increase player satisfaction retain player population as efficiently...

Its kind of messy, inefficient and not healthy.


Regards o7

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tbh op has point.

WG should have vid or stats to showcase ship on Premium shop. customers should have no need of 3rd party website or application just to see stats of ships.

wg are really bad at providing to their customers.


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