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British Aircraft Carriers: Unique Characteristics

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In short

Attack aircraft - A slow, tanky, fast aim, lot of rockets.

Bombers aircraft - fast aim, lot of HE , low pen for CE and DD.

Torpedo aircraft - IDK the beast? fast aim, U-turn fast for delete lonely ship, not that slow, low range torps ?(WHO CARES I ALWAYS DROP IN THEIR FACE)


While IJN line have an okay attack craft, AP drop with very hard to aim, maneuver and not know when to drop that sometimes RNG give you citadel, long distance torps (+stupid arming distance) that none actually make a good use of it (rather than a lucky shot that torp land a hit on the other ship) after nerft hammer and it became dead meta, IJN is fastest(maybe) in cruise speed but on the other hand its a paper plane.

Well, they are good at everything is this balance ?

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