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Thanks for making DD's useless

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Thank you very much Wargaming for making CV's to easy to play and killing of the art of DD play . It has got so bad you can't play DD any more as the Cv has taken away the main role of the DD to spot and get near enemy as soon as they are spot in the first couple of minutes of the game they are annihilated by over powered squadrons of aircraft that just fly through flack and your defensive fire can't even make a difference to their attacks. I'm not saying I'm the best DD player out there but this upgrade will kill of the DD players off and turn the game into a World of Warplanes . I have noticed a increase in player behaviour of bunching up in one area of the map by entire teams to protect them selves from air attack . I love playing DD but this is getting to be unplayable and making me and other players lose interest in the game and going to other branches they really don't want to play .

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Hello commander, we are sorry for your frustration.

Even though we are not able to guarantee anything at this moment, we are definitely listening to all the commanders' voice and will have additional balance arrangement if it's necessary for the entire game play.

Thank you for your opinion.

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