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ST, new maps

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Three new maps for tier VIII-X battles have been added to the game. They don't have names and a certain visual style yet, but you can already take a look at the location of the control points and Islands.


The first map is a group of medium-sized Islands located at a fairly large distance from each other. There are a lot of open spaces on the map, and there are almost no Islands-shelters on the caps.


In the Eastern part of the second map, one control point is covered from the others by a chain of Islands, which, however, allows ships to move freely. Small groups of Islands on 9-10 lines will help ships to provide flank cap control. A few small islands are located in the center. Their height allows to fire over them. You will find several large Islands in the Western part of the map. They will help to hide the ships entering and leaving the nearby control point.


The third map is a large chain of Islands of different sizes, located close to each other. Islands form a large Bay around the control point in the Eastern part. Many Islands in the Western and Central parts of the map will allow you to secretly move and organize ambushes.


Maps expect several stages of testing, as a result, they can change significantly.

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.


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