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0.8.1 - Unable to join battle due to corrupted replay

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I updated my game client 0.8.1 and started a battle. Then, I was sent back to my desktop and there was a message box telling me that my replay folder?? Is corrupted.


Extra info

I am using 64 bit windows 10 (Intel NUC gen7 i5 with iris graphics 640) and my game is inside a portable SamSung SSD and wargaming game centre is installed on my computer (not the SSD). There weren't any issues like this before. Everything was fine before 0.8.1 update. This issue occured twice.


What I did to solve the issue

I tried killing my client and it didn't work. Same message. Then, I deleted my replay folder and it is working again now.


Reproducing method

I don't think it is possible to reproduce this error again. I feel like it is due to corrupted old replay temp file like a corrupted replay (temp.wowsreplay) maybe. It is working so far and I can see my new replays.


End result and reflection

I got reported because of this. I was afk for around 5min. That's from my team's point of view while fixing this issue. I wonder what if it is not me, with some programming experience. Will that player become a pink player due to afk the entire match because of a possible bug?


Thank you for reading and hope that it could be fixed soon.



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