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no good deed goes unpunish

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>Be me
>playing fletcher
>loop map
>hakuryu on enemy team
>try play passive and provide spotting and smoke to allies
>go to c
>set smoke for our Worcester
>spot shimakaze
>enemy shima scared by worchester radar flee.
didnt fire because enemy planes and ship are around. smoke on cd too
>manage to cap c
>proving spotting for allies
>suddenly a while shima appears
>o S***, try to run away an smoke
>combine enemy fires shave 1/3 of my life
> incoming bombers, drop and took 2k. manage to hide on smoke. bombers keep flying around, but get bored and chase other ship
>get out as i smell torpedo on water
>enemy left fighter top of smoke
>FML turn on AA and try to run away as fast as possible
>suddenly a wild kitakaze appear too.
>run and start dodging. kitakaze set smoke sceen
>launch torps at smoke (spoiler alert they all miss)
>incoming rocket planes
>turn on AA and try to dodge
>took 2k damage with DFAA on and doging
>down to 1/3 of HP
>went to B and try to smoke my allies there to set up dug in position.
>i though enemy are going to push from c to B with 3 bb strong and cruiser and 2 dd as spear head.
>setting smoke for worchester
>not expecting kitakaze to charge worchester possition
>got spotted. try to slowdown and reverse
>down to 200hp
>slowly backing as shell land left and right from
>mfw our worchester shot me at the back and killing me
>screen goes black
>suddenly im on a wagon
>hey you are finally awake, you we're trying to cross the boarder when you walk right into that imperial ambush.
>todd howard you son of a...
>you did it again.

yep, still not playing dd. not without 15-20km torps. somehow whenever i play dd i always go cv. and when i play ca i got no cv...


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