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WG: Valentine's Day, Schmalentines Day

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I know WG is not feeling the love from the players atm but what happen to Valentine's Day as event or even anything in WoWS? I know recently they are like the boyfriend who brought his girl a massive fist shaped toy, thinking it would be romantic, and is wondering why he is getting no action, still they could have done something for Valentine's Day. No flags, no patches, no missions, nothing, instead they just adding a couple of overpriced Valentine's Day Camo bundles to the Premium Shop... wow. Maybe that toy was actually shaped as pineapple because I know I'm certainly feeling no love for WG atm (not that I ever really have).


PS: Oh, last minute they gave out the old kiss flag (I've seen players with these before so must be a recycled item) and made a love quiz aimed at getting you buy a ship from the Premium Shop. Having to buy a ship on Valentine's Day (in the context of the quiz) is the WoWS equivalent of having to buy a "girlfriend", I believe that is referred to as prostitution... besides, if the ships in the Premium Shop where "professional" girls then most of them would be overpriced lame lays that you end up regretting you paid for.

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