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Updated Mechanics for Flooding and the Surveillance Radar Consumable

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Ships geared towards relying on their concealment and smoke have been finding it increasingly difficult to survive in battles filled with radar-carrying ships. As soon as they move into a key area, an enemy ship can detect them from a safe distance. Once detected, it is likely that they will fall under an immediate barrage of heavy fire with many ships targeting them. In such cases, they have no time to make evasive maneuvers, and lose a significant amount of hit points under enemy fire. As a result, they are forced to retreat to a maximum safe distance, often leaving allied ships unsupported.

They changed it for braindead players? :cap_yes: why would you rushed on early cap full of radars? its okay to rush but make sure you have a cover. 

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I'm fairly confident that introduction of the said changes will result in MINIMAL encroachment on DD experience or their population because they barely exist anymore.

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the use of radar now announced in chat?

oh god having away or spotted for 20-60 seconds in battle is already bad, you make them able to prolong it by coperation

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I don't really agree with the necessity of the change, Just like the CV rework : there are no problems to it at the start. 
First, the radar. I do agree on the point that radar mechanics breaks concealment values for small ships, but the problem was not with the radar itself, it's with the stealth radaring which goes through islands like magic. The other point I would like to point out is that rarely that a DD would be killed by radar IF they were positioned correctly and know the radar ships position (which can be guessed since covers are required), on the other hand if a radar ship does managed to sneak up on a DD to kill range shouldn't they be rewarded with a kill on their target for such a risky play? The problem is never with the consumable itself, no matter how you change the radar mechanics there will always be DDs crying of radar because of their poor positioning and situational awareness while the cries gets all the attention since they are the majority of the players, where they will demand the game to change instead of learning how to play the game on better terms.
Same thing with the Flooding, this change is pretty silly since underwater pens no longer cause flooding. Floodings are MEANT to force damage control, and since modules, flags and skills exist they are no longer lethal given that the player has enough situational awareness and knowing the limits of their ship as they should be. The new flooding mechanics are just simply too "Noob-Friendly" since there exists already many torpedoes countermeasures (i.e. Torpedo bulge, Engine acceleration/Boost, Hydroacoustic Search, Vigilance skill) not to mention the encouragement to positioning and map awareness since given all these characteristics, torpedoes are pretty much already ineffective. I would STRONGLY SUGGEST that instead of reworking the mechanics, just tune down the duration of floodings a bit to allow some more room for errors and let the old mechanics do their job as they were.
In conclusion, pls WG pls just consider fixing things by tuning values, not by reworking them since it costs a lot of time and efforts and they would be wasted on some problems that doesn't even exist. Lastly, pls really put more efforts on encouraging players to play better, not make the game easier for those who did not wish to improve. 
P.S. I do not deny that there are ships that are worth crying for in the radar and flooding mechanics, but that was the job of balancing, not reworking to solve the problem since most players seem to be inable to distinguish the following : broken ship/broken mechanics, bad play/bad team, their own multiplier to evaluating a ship.

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I know you folks have to "brings something out" to the major audiences but here we are having the players being the one designing the game.
No backbone at all, just gonna change everything and say its a "rework" in a game where core gameplay has already been established and small issues could be tweak in minor ways.
First the CV rework so the class can be accessible to anybody, downgrading its core gameplay of air controls and all other form of tactical plays in the process just look at CV class now.
Dull, one way to achieved its goal, trying to destroy the enemy team before the enemy CV could.

Now the radar change, do they ever take into account the ONE MAJOR ISSUE which is the waiting for the spotted ship to be render on screen the longer the range the longer the wait time.
Yes you haven't fix that, you just make it so the players can't see the issue by having the ship rendered the same time as they do on the minimap. (Yes I still remember this eventhough its a long long time ago)
Radar is suppose to be for sweeping out Destroyers otherwise Cruisers will have absolutely nothing to deal with Destroyers eventhough the game say they're designed for "killing destroyers"
The problem with it is that once the consumable is pressed EVERYBODY can see the Destroyer and for something fragile as a Destroyer to be concentrated, that's a death sentence so this is a ...good change?
Sadly its not, EVERYBODY can still see the Destroyer who might be oblivious to the whole situation no matter how large you put in the warning sign on their screen.
Most importantly It sill works through islands its like radar consumable does nothing but extend the ship's ensured detectability range from 2 km to whatever that radar range is.
I suggest to make it so radar doesn't work through island.

Flooding change, this is great from the perspective of any ships getting flooded by Torpedo bombers HOWEVER it does NO GOOD for destroyers.
The players have all the controls over their main guns to land where thier HE shells will land so it make sense for them having to "spread" the aliment across different part of ships.
Fire chance maybe down "RNG" or "Luck" but players still have the controls of landing as much HE shells as possible per salvo, increasing the chance for aliment to proc.
HOWEVER The players have absolutely no controls over their torpedo salvo other than how big they want their spread is and where to aim it unless they happens to be playing UK DD/CL.
Landing a torpedo or two is mostly down to luck more than anything else seeing in SEA meta everybody is capable of this thing called "WASD hacks"
I suggest to make a flooding mechanic change exclusive to torpedoes from strike aircraft.

Why suddenly the players are the one designing the game !?

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