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Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

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Dear players,

We've encountered two issues with anti-air defense mechanics after the hotfix:

∙             Large damage spikes from AA explosions in tier VIII and above (this is a bug, the damage should increase proportionally with tier);
∙             Continuous DPS on several ships/tiers needs further adjusting (mostly toning down slightly);

We're already working on resolving both issues, but to avoid any new mistakes, we will be spending a couple of days double-checking everything and preparing a small update. 
We plan to release this hotfix early next week..

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
The World of Warships Team.

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Yes, there are many ships that tier 10 CV has to completely avoid, within a 6-7km radius. 

The ships AA will attack the planes from 6kms, however the planes still continue taking damage until at least 7kms away.

This was also a feature in 080, but no-one mentioned it as a bonus to the AA ships.

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