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Ranked improvements

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So, I'm curious as to what people might think would be good fixes for ranked. Every season it seems WG try something new, not just changing the tier but having different tiers for the same season, then trying sprint with divs then now using a different game mode and less ranks. I'm still a fairly casual player though I try to be as competitive as possible, and ranked (not the sprint season) is something I look forward to, to mix things up and have a bit more of a challenge, But to me it seems like all this changing and experimenting, not to mention what I think are some flawed systems, takes away from ranked as a more competitive mode. This season already I've seen more people sailing around with first league flags on etc and for the sprint season I've seen people who i know to be terrible players cruising round with rank 1 or 2 badges. It seems like WG is pandering to less skilled players too much and that's coming from me, a very average player. I feel like ranked and the higher ranks should be a properly competitive game mode, steel shouldn't be given out so frivolously just because there are people whinging about not being able to get Stalingrad etc. So below I've listed a few things that I think might improve ranked. I'd be interested to hear peoples thoughts and perhaps what they'd like to see added in the game mode.

- Set maps and game mode (I should be able to see an improvement in my rank from the season before if these stay constant)
- Fixed tier or perhaps two tiers like the previous season (same reason as above, if I want to improve I know which ships to work on)
- No premium ships (its competitive so the playing field should be as level as possible)
- No saved star for the top of the losing team (if you want to encourage more dynamic play put people in a position where they have nothing to gain from sitting back)
- Longer season again and more ranks (say 25 ranks with permanent ranks at 15, 10, 5 and 1 (that way less competitive players can still have some fun going up ranks but they wont get so caught up with the more competitive ones)
- Fixed number of BBs, DDs etc on each team (this way you wont get stuck with games filled with just BBs each team etc)
- Still thinking about whether the two person div worked out well, I think it is nice to have the ability to coordinate well with at least one team member, but I'm not sold completely on the idea.

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