Well, its common sense that supply and demand rules always happen most of the time. Oscar Wilde, the famous economist for its theory once say this : " The proletarians need to unity againts fascism by becoming more and more left sided thus create ultimate order "   What currently happen is total domination by fascist CV player who more superior to surface pheasant. Not only it have infinite plane, but also immune to AA thanks to press F to F**K everyone. The CV is Indeed superior in all term. Absolute map control, Infinite attack range, and almost Untouchable.  Based on Oscar Wilde Theory about Supply and Demand The Superior CV should be played by everyone. Until WG nerf it because the balance of ship queue. But its theory have a flaw, its assume everyone is rational and try to be as efficient as possible. The current ship played prove it. Despite being the most disadvantage people keep playing DD.  There is a explanation to this with recent research about forex trading psychology by Philip Kotler. When market become bearish in unexpected manner, people keep their trading position as hold instead of selling. They believe market will soon rebound.... of course their money went to margin call before its going to rebound.   In this case, DD player believe they will get buff sooner.... They keep believe and torture their self..... Of course WG Will do something by buffing DD or nerfing CV. But before that moment happen... most of CV player already enjoy wreck everything, statpadding with 250k average damage and laugh at surface pheasant.     " The proletarians need to unity againts fascism by becoming more and more left sided thus create ultimate order " Remember this quote right?   "If everyone start playing CV, there will be no surface ship.... no queue....Thus forcing WG BUFF DD or nerfing CV"   Everyone play CV until next patch! Don't play DD no matter what! Join the DD Revolutsiya   If you really love DD stop playing it until WG give Massive BUFF to DD                                                                                                               Warning : this thread contain bullsheet and lie. This thread is created by the fascist CV player in order to remove DD completely so CV average damage will increase because DD is so small to hit and only have little HP.                                                   Warning : the warning above is complete fake, this thread is sponsored by dedicated DD player to force WG BUFF DD