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In the 8.0 meta, Ibuki is a boss.

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WG giveth, WG taketh away.

Looks like I'm one of the few people enjoying playing surface ships under the CV re-work. For me it's just about making the required adjustments to ship choice, loadout, and playstyle.

Ibuki always had a big AA buff over Mogami, but there was no advantage to it without planes to shoot at. Now, all the cards fall her way:

1. Strong enough defensive AA to get multiple Hakus hot and bothered. Equip premium DFAA, fighter planes, AA flag and work your rudder shift and sector AA. Stick near a USN or MN BB for overlapping AA bubbles. Watch Haku's squadrons dissolve in front of your eyes. BFT/AFT not needed. And of course equip the gun dispersion mod, not AA.

2. Permaspotted enemy ships means long range HE firestarting from concealment has never been easier. Park behind cover, pick your targets, and farm 70k plus with no risk. With the 7.11 dispersion buff, you land gobs of shells on camping BBs out to maximum range.


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Yeah ITS si frickin True....



My friend just get average 100k damage despite being noob thanks  to the perma spot.


And me...... My Kiev seems able to shit on any ship thanks to it repair party.


DD with repair party is what you need

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