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CV Rework Quality of Life Changes

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The new game-play is good and I really enjoy it. BUT, there are some changes that must happen to better balance them out;              

a) There needs to be a cap of 1 CV per side, per game. Any more than that is just too overwhelming for both teams, especially DDs who are suffering the most from this rework. You have to put concerns about matchmaker aside in this case for the sake of player comfort.              

b) There needs to be a cooldown on Torpedo bombers, to prevent the constant torpedo spam as has been showcased in some recent YouTube videos by some CCs. 1.5 - 2mins should be sufficient, that way it forces the CV driver to take out other aircraft types to support the team as opposed to just farm damage for themselves with torpedoes. All other classes of ships have a torpedo cooldown, CVs should too.              

c) CVs need preferential MM for their tiers. A T8 CV trying to compete against T10 AA is just ridiculous. It's next to impossible to deal any damage, especially in the Kaga or the Enterprise which have weaker planes than the standard T8s. Restrict low and mid tier CVs to mid tier in the match maker at the most, not bottom tier.

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