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[Ichase] flying shimakaze

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1 hour ago, yansuki said:

 you didnt get kraken? clearly CV are under-powered and require buffs. might as well gave them homing rockets and jdams to prevent miss.

thats not me tho
I just got the screenshot from a "fren"

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18 hours ago, darkflame88 said:

Yep, at this rate Star Citizen will be out before WoWs hits 1.0

LOL! Star Citizen is never coming out! ( I backed for a Constellation back in late 2013,and it been all down hill since then.

The only fun I get out of it is stirring the white knights up on their facebook page about how Chris Robbers promised a FULL 3.0 to be out at the end 2016! ( I got shadowed banned for posting the same stuff on the SC forums).


18 hours ago, Max_Battle said:

Well I bought a HOTAS and I have been patiently waiting for um....

Well, this is my earliest reward I can see on my account...


Mines December 15, 2013 for a Constellation.Haven't bothered trying to fly it in a year or so as half the HUD don't work and half the flight controls don't work! And in the hanging it spawns on its nose in a damaged state.

Things are bad with WG and WoWs,but they ain't Star Citizen bad!

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59 minutes ago, yansuki said:

btw, is it just me. or IJN CV torps has better concealment than IJN surface torps?

it's depends

thing is ....

every torpedo in game are only visible (by visible, I mean that White/green/red triangle mark appear) when they armed even when they in detection range.

ship launch torpedo armed about a hundred meter from ship (see those green cone?) even torp hit water immediately, it won't be visible till it's arm friends and foe alike.

so if CV skilled enough drop close enough, you'll never see it untill second it gonna hit you.

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