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CV rework day 2 observations

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The Matchmaking seems to be calming down a bit. I've had a game or 2 with no CV, and several with only 1 CV per team.

With 1 CV the pressure feels bearable and "normal" gameplay does emerge. I've had a few 2 CV games where I got to play a "normal game" as well, mostly in ships with the name "I_KILL_SKY_PLAYERS_outaur". Strangely they leave me alone.

DD's are not dead, you just have to play back a bit. Still be the forward screen, just stay within 3-5km of your CL's so you can run back for cover. If the BB's are sniping at 15-18km, you'll still be within 10-12km of their forward cruisers, so you can still try torping them. Asashio has had some godlike double torp volleys against blobs of BB's. Capping comes much later once the flank is mostly won and your CLs push closer to the objective.

My Republique with a soft 2ndry / AA build finally found it's aim, and has proven capable of self defence against T10 planes. Some still get through, but the CV seems to take the hint that I'm not worth it and feeds elsewhere.

Prince Eitel Fridrich was a bitter disappointment. The only thing it was any good at was AA, and this seems nerfed now as well. Avoid this barge at all costs.

I'm still fairly lost figuring out how the ships AA stats in port will translate into real world performance.

Continuous AA seems weak but reliable. It won't do anything to kill planes or stop an attack on its own, but does a decent job if 2-3 ships overlap, or after a good flack burst crippled some planes.

Flak seems to be the wrecking ball. Erratic, but does the heavy work on the planes HP pool. Trouble is, it seems (from youtube vids) that a skilled CV player can fly around most of it, and an unskilled CV player gets wrecked by it. The CV player has counter-play against your heavy flak build, but your AA CL has little in game counter-play.

Sector switching is still hard, I'm finding I'm late, or just wrong much of the time. Until I get the hang of it, manual AA is a questionable skill choice as all it does is makes sector switching faster with a bigger swing. It adds no raw AA power at all.

Lastly, my computer really can't cope. I get frequent half second rendering hangs and glitches, which makes aiming, dodging torps and general situation awareness too hard. I'm playing ranked until I can upgrade my hardware, or WG sort out the new code to be more efficient.



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Sorry but nothing changes here ... what I did observe though is how big guns behavior, notably that of the BB and CA now made or break a game .. many are still in the mindset for others to go vanguard for them without moving up to close support range and of course now nobody care to .. so for many games I am just loitering around the guns not doing anything .. I cannot go out front, wide flak or go spot , cap, scout as if I do I got singled out and killed in no time. Many BB and CA, even CL seems not to understand how to tight group formation also; DD are still perma targeted and grind to death without ay measure to do real AA and defense, Cl only fare better because they had the HP and armor. IF the game update made one type of ship so OP over another and over run all other game play its not call BALANCE its call in-balance

Many big guns, even knowing that still choose not to go because of the perma spotting and I've seen games after games where both side sit back for quite a while when everyone see everyone else but no one can do anything except CV .. that was a laugh

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I see no change ... still get noob CV driver ( no that's wrong pilot ) on one side and great skilled pilot on the other like before and end up with game being rolled over

if the change was meant to eliminate that , well , it`s a failure

early days I keep hearing , but my winrate going down the toilet

should have given a stat holiday while the thing is settling in

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