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Rules for modification publications

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The "modification" (also further referred as "mod") is a file, or combination of files, related to WoWs project, that interacts directly or indirectly with game client (client's files), and/or that alters its behavior in any way.


Modders group is entitled to:

  1. Create and/or publish modification.
  2. Follow the forum and modification publications rule (further referred as "Rules").
  3. Support and update their respecting published modifications.
  4. Receive the "Modder" status as the author of publication, after at least three game versions release from the moment of publication, if no Rules have been violated.
  5. The "Modder" status is given to the author of publication, even if he's not the person (or group of people) who created the modification initially.
  6. If the modification has been created by a group of people, this group should provide one representative, who'll be considered the author of publication and be held responsible for it. The representative will receive the Modder status; the rest of the group do not receive the Modder status.

Participant can be excluded from the modders group if they:

  1. Violate the Rules of modification publications.
  2. Makes intended changes into already published theme, that contains files with prohibited or malicious content.
  3. Stops support for all published modifications for more than three game versions releases.
  4. Published modification, that causes harm via files and programs after installation; installs malicious files and programs; or installs files not mentioned in modification description.


Recognition system:

Forum administrator might reward the Modders for their efforts and impact on game development.


Rules for modification publications:

  1. All publications and modifications must comply to the general Forum rules and Modification section of the Forum.
  2. Publications are being verified by the forum administrators with one or three days after being posted. If the publication is not approved or no remarks on it received within this period, author should contact the forum administrators via direct message.
  3. Modification must be related to WoWs project.
  4. Modification should match the published description.
  5. Published modification should be compatible to the current version of the game.
  6. Publications that have disputable or borderline content are to be left on forum administrator consideration.
  7. If the remarks for the publication are not followed within 7 days period, the publication is moved to the Archive.
  8. Publication name must contain the compatible game version and the name of the modification (example: [] My SuperMod); if the modification does not require any specific game version, then it should be marked as [ALL].
  9. Publishing another author's modification is allowed only with the respected author approval. In this case the original author should direct message forum administrator (ModManager) of their approval.
  10. Publication must contain:
    1. Necessarily:
      • Modification description.
      • Download link to the file depository (Google Drive, Yandex.Disk, Cloud.Mail, Dropbox etc.).
      • Installation guide in the description or the mod archive.
      • If publishing another author mod - the name of original author.
      • Interface and graphics modifications must contain screenshots (no more than 3), related to the mod content.
      • If there is any other important information for using the modification, it should be added to description and highlighted.
    2. On author's consideration:
      • Additional images or videos for mod description, but they must be put under spoilers.
  11. Modification is published in according topic of the forum.
  12. After the release of new game version, the modification, if affected, must be updated to be compatible with the current game version within 3 days after release, otherwise modification is put into Archive until it's updated to the current game version.
  13. After updating the modification, the mentioned game version in it's publication's name should be changed as well.
  14. If the modification, that had been previously already put into Archive, is updated to the current game version, the author should directly message the administrator (ModManager) for verification.


Prohibited content for the modification publications:

  1. Programs and mods, that add additional ways for targeting in game, not present in the game client (like preempting markers).
  2. Programs, bots and scripts for autonomous management of any game aspect.
  3. Programs and mods, that replace, involve or affect in any way the game client file of scripts.zip
  4. Containing erotic, pornography or nude models materials.
  5. Containing Nazism or fascism-related symbols.


Forum administrator has a right to forbid any publication at their discretion.

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