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So About The New Patch

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This is what happens when you cater to the lowest common denominator in a game. Happens a lot across different type of games. This new patch hurts EVERYONE, DDs even more so. The radical change in CV format is to cater to Console players and make it easier for brainless people to play CV, requires little thought and barely any micro.

The only people who seem to like it are well, console players and peeps who cant fathom RTS style play. A fairly large section of BB players love it too, cos it hurts DDs. Which further proves my point, a lot of BBs are mindless straight sailing types. They get torped then complain about DDs being OP. BB players represent the majority id say, and a huge number among that majority are the ones who dislike DDs and CVs, instead of learning to play better, they want shit nerfed. The best games are the ones that listen to its better players who understand the format of the game. Im crap, just check my stats, but i understand how the game works.

I do not play CVs at all, but i like their inclusion in a warship game which is based on a degree of reality. Can't have warship games without the king of the seas, Aircraft Carriers. Basically what im saying is, revert to the old RTS style for CVs but make some changes. The current format is broken for everyone. I see BBs and even CVs get spotted WAY early on in the game.

With that being said, the new AA effects are sweet though, better sound and explosions. Also like how BB guns sound diff when you're zoomed in and firing, sounds like you're IN the turret, but it goes back to  normal sounds when you fire unzoomed.

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