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CV REWORK Rework suggestions

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Hello, i hope this isn't too late. Here's how i think the CV rework could be improved. I like the main point of the rework btw.

I'll just put it in bullet form to make it easier to read.

  • SHIFT key toggles control between the aircraft carrier and the squadron. squadron mode (where you control your planes like in the rework) is the CVs equivalent to the scope mode of other ships.
  • When you are flying your planes and you SHIFT back to CV mode, your planes climb to a HIGH ALTITUDE are in the map, where the planes circle around until you get back to them. They can't spot enemy DDs in high altitude and can only be reached by big AA guns, and other AI controlled planes (consumables). So if you an enemy CA is in range of a high altitude squadron, she can engage it. Planes returning to their CVs always fly at low altitude.
  • When you are in squadron mode, you can still stir your ship via the Q and E keys which is the already old feature of locking in your rudder to a port or starboard turn, and use the mouse wheel to control your CVs forward and reverse movement and speed.

I hope this helps. Thank you. :)


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