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ST, Azuma

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ST, Azuma

In this publication we'd like to explain the reasons behind transferring Azuma from X tier to IX.

When the new ship is added to the game, it's tier is decided with historical characteristics taken in account. In Azuma's case there was an idea to add it as a tier X IJN cruiser, but as testing has shown, balancing the ship would require too large of a deviation from the project's characteristics. We think that it's better for Azuma to be a good tier IX ship rather than weak tier X, so we've decided to make a transfer. Characteristics were adjusted accordingly, including the plating (30 mm thickness is a X tier cruisers trait). Accuracy became the main feature of the ship.

We've noticed concerns about the Hydroacoustic Search being removed from Azuma. We understand this, but, considering all the ship's characteristics, the testing will go without this consumable. Later, if it suits the balance, the Hydroacoustic search may be brought back.

But the idea to add an IJN tier X large cruiser hasn't gone. Thus we're working on the modernized version of Azuma, which will get torpedo launchers and strengthened AA and take it's place at tier X.

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.

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