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New CV rework Sux, what the heeck WG

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On Hosho

- My Torpedo hitting 5 Times, flood 1 times

- 1 Citadel hit, 1 normal hit

- all rocket shattered

30k damage......


Damn it Where the hell is my SUSANOO?


What the hell with rocket? No fire ?

AP bomber 3K damage ?


Only torpedo deal decent damage



why the foock CV come from DD?

this is bullshut 



NO DoTs as promise...... Where is my fire?


also CV movement SUX, need fix



Whrrreeeerreeee is my OVER POWERED AIRCRAFT CARRIER???????


40 cv queue? Just let the match 5 CV allowed and do 3x CV division




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The reworked carriers are just ....

CV rework will need to take into account turtling or boxing , right now players will just turtle themselves up and trading from long range. This lead to HAKURYUU being WAYY better than MIDWAY in current settings.

Why ?

Hakuryu have good torpedo that can launched from long range , quick aim time and easy adjustment , allowing it to avoid eating too much flak. And they are very strong.

Haku rockets are not even that bad , they are just 10% worse than Midway's.

AP bomb can rock when you really need to try hard , it can score big hits reliably well.

Meanwhile :

All of Midway planes require aiming from afar , which with high conceal dd , it can lead to frustration where you spot dd too close to actually attack

Midway Tiny Tim is a sidegrade , it heavily rely on RNG , and its damage is not that big of an improvement. Also due to how its aiming work , it is much less effective overall against dd.

Midway dive bomber is powerful ,however with blobbing right now , they can only drop once and have to bail out , sometimes there is just no chance to use it. AP bomb are just slightly worse than it.

Midway torpedo attack is just pitiful , both long aiming and have widespread whilst have low flood , low damage. It is only for area denial and force spread.

Midway main source of damage is much more difficult to aim , much more difficult to maintain and way too circumstantial.

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I need to know if someone manage to break 100k damage in T8 CV againts T10 sheep...


I am hardly do 30K damage.....

Even before rework, i can smash memetaur and Des meme with shokaku DB and TB.


Now, attacking a single schanrhost require bullshit level of Jojo galaxy mind battle thinking .....


And my damage is simply too low 😡😁😁😊

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38 minutes ago, Paladinum said:

I don't know why people are complaining about AA doesn't work and sh*ts.

I can't even get near a lone Fuso bot because of the flak wall the ship puts up. A full squadron got decimated before I could even start the attack.

Holy sh*ts, WG.

Because its fact .. try it today with mid / high DD and cruiser, poor AA, middle of the road AA, good AA, with or without AA skill / module consistently the AA fail to kill planes even if doing tons of damage and when planes are not killed just damaged, the can still fly circle around, attack, and perma spot for it so practically even damage counter might say so and so this is till practically broken AA as it does not do anything actually AA at all, and constantly needing to manage AA sector is overworking surface ship players. I am not sure about bots and I had not try BB ye but well even USN cruisers are having hard time doing real AA kill

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2 hours ago, LawrenceXVIII said:

My Kaga is falling...

In Tier X room, her planes just....exploded or simply fell from the sky.

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