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CV rework day 1 observations

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On 1/31/2019 at 3:03 PM, Soloun said:

I just played my first game with the new CV's. It was a T9 I was in my Ibuki as that's what I'm leveling, it was a 4 CV match and yea as expected a totally new game.

I've never liked the idea of CV's in the game simply because I wanted a ship V ship game, not ship V plane game.

I've only got a few days of premium left so not a huge loss but I was wondering if there is anywhere I can apply for a refund for all my premium ships and premium time?

This isn't what I bought into closed beta to play, I'd like to know if there will be a money back offer since the very nature of the game is now changed beyond recognition? 

Perhaps I'm over reacting? All I know is last night I enjoyed playing, even with the losses, tonight 1 game and I'm good thanks 🙂 Not really interested in being fodder for peoples planes, as a ship only player I honestly feel like I'm being grief ed by the CV players. 

For the record I was still alive at the end of the match but was being cut down one bomb / rocket / torp at a time 🙂

This isn't fun for me, it's not enjoyable for me, and I don'y play so others can have fun, I spend money and play so I can.

I guess I'm evil because I don't agree with the vocal minority that will post against this in these forums. 

Anyway iit was fun, maybe it will change for the better in a few weeks, maybe not, there are other games then this and a change might be a good thing. 


Completely agree. 

Just tried 2 battles in Monarch. You know that stealthy Tier 8 British Battleship.

First match, tier 10. Spotted by planes less than 1 minute from spawn (and for the most part, the rest of the entire match...) focused by BOTH enemy Hakuryu (67% WR, 16,000 battles) and Lexington. Managed 14k damage before being overwhelmed by torpedoes and fires. Ate 7, 3 floodings. Finished off by enemy Izumo's HE volley that set a perma fire.

Next match, stayed with blob as long as I could, again Tier 10, enemy Midways (both purple players). They ignored me at first but once it was my turn, RIP.

I'm sure they were giggling like little girls while flooding me, flying around for a bit while I repaired and... flooding me again.

14 days left on premium. Going to spend it in ops maybe and grind some cash. Resetting all my captains and removing modules then, mothballing the game until either they do something or I forget about it and uninstall.

Thank you Wargaming for destroying any fun that was left.

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Day 3 morning, still the same ... mostly 2 CV per game, less 3 CV, more 1 CV .. so far no games encountered without a CV .. Everyone not happy .. DD are always singled out ; and this is not right no ship type should be unable to drive away / deter attack unless heavily and I mean heavily / full AA build and even that is questionable .. attacking planes is almost immune from close range so DD are penalized for lack of mid and long range AA. AA still sow great inconsistency. I can be in a tight group of 3 , all 3 firing , all middle of the road AA, and no plane down between all even though counter show loads of damage, and if planes are not down, squadron are not wipe out that mean attack and spotting goes on and on and that's no AA in real term. Another time alone out in the open on an Akatsuki, gang up by 3 CV , continuous rocket, keep knocking out modules, less damage but down 4 ... the game play of CV keep pounding on DD / CL also made it too OP or simply damage game play further for this 2 type of sips, already taking away their concealment and perma spotting them , and then this it will drive people away from playing. I was in the process of thinking about some Premium DD for the Lunar New Year as a gift to myself, but now ... No No No ...

BB and CA suffer just as well but the can tank but the perma spotting mean the are now HE spammed all the time .. CV player now public enemy no.1 .. anyone able to get in range now target them priority without any word needed, and one thing I've found is that even friendly CV is shown hostility as the surface ship feel that CV simply do not do anything team work, the go out , do their own unt and that's it

So in the end , AA do not work, CV Player are not happy because they cannot do massive damage but the worst is it broke game play for almost everybody ; test goes on and let see if it improve this toda and tomorrow I am not hopeful though

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Btw is anyone else being unable to refund the lines due to the UI bug? I'm talking about the bug that makes the xp go to T1 ship of the nation instead of returning as fxp. 

It is not a visual thing either. One of my Clanmates have tried it for Lexi and all the xp went to Erie... It is definitely "not working as intended":Smile_sceptic:

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why we don't make it like this

Everytime when the CV plane start attack, they can't move to left or right even use afterburner and airbrake. so they just can strike 1 line forward

no tighten rectingle, just go blind drop using your snese like Manual drop on old RTS system

use 1 aircraft per attack and decrease the squadron to 4-6 per attack like in old system,, 4 for all IJN aircraft and 6 to all USN aircraft

make limited plane, use hanggar so the CV player can't brutally strike enemy, specially DD

only can spotting for the ship near the plane

aircraft can't return to the carrier untill all payload has been dropped

fighter consumable taken from fighter in hanggar, so if you use it and the fighter is destroyed, you lose your fighter plane you can use


I think with this everyone will happy, and I hope we're gonna leave the CV and let it decease..

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