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Anti-Aircraft issues....

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On one hand, I fully agree that the Carrier game play needed a massive re-work. I also quite like the look of how it is turning out. I look forward to it.

On the other hand, from everything I have seen, the new AA system looks terrible.

Lets face it, despite the 'Arcade' nature of the game, there are efforts that strive for realism. That said, the new AA system is terrible. Really really terrible.

It makes no sense to me, for there to be the ability to focus fire on one side of the other. It's not like the sailors can pick up the guns and move to another side of the ship.

No, what I think should have happened, is the DFAA could have been reduced in duration, become more available, and AA have another option.

There are many ships out there who had a nice little 'trick' that was standard doctrine.

The Secondary Guns have multiple ammunition types.

Currently, your Secondaries automatically are AA AND secondary guns. They are both, at once. Which, lets face it, is silly.

No, what they should have is a nice little button, for example, the F or G key, which toggles your secondary guns to select their ammunition type and thus the function of the secondary guns.

How would this work? Easy. Lets take the Montana for example.  For AA, it currently has 20x single barrel 20mm AA guns, 20x double barrel 20mm guns, 20x quadruple barrel guns and 10x double barrel 127mm guns.

Secondaries are 10x2 127mm guns.

So, if in a battle, currently and brawling (the secondaries in range and firing) and Aircraft fly overhead, the guns are shooting the planes AND brawling.

This should change. How would it change you ask?

Right, so how would it work? Simple.  The Captain (You) gives the order (presses the button) and selects the function of the secondary guns. Are they brawling? Or are they dedicated to AA? Pick one. If brawling, they work like the secondaries do, but lets face it, these could stand an overhaul too, but it's a topic for another time.  If you select AA then they do a normal reload because Secondaries have a reloading cycle. Then however, they aren't shooting another ship, but they are filling the sky with Flak. These would give a big boost to the AA range and damage.

Why do this?

Because the new AA system is flawed and while suitable for the arcade style of game, does not do reality and functionality any justice. It also gives players a real chance to choose what they want to do. Is it a big thing for most ships? Yes, the German Lines will gain better long range flak, but loose their ability to brawl.  The Japanese? Not so much. The US lines ....it's not much of a choice....

But the big thing, would be the ability to boost your AA in a respectable manner, but with a price, which is more balancing.

It just seems to me, this may be better than flipping between one side and another.


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Don't know , 0.8.0 just go live .. too few actual live experience to tell yet and the server is Sloooooooow


OK update, just throw in a couple of game with base AA equipped DD that's middle of the road AA for the said tier, short answer AA do not work .. you can deal massive amount overall damage but still not shooting down planes and when planes are only damaged they carried on the attack so damaging dealing AA just mean no AA at all. WG need to made it so even Base AA can consistently shoot down planes

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