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[PSA][0.8.0] Visibility (gun bloom) fix commentary

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Dear players,


In update 0.8.0 we fixed a visibility system bug which has been around for several months, since 0.7.9. I would like to clarify all the details of this fix, why it needs to be done, and what changes we are going to implement to meet your feedback.


How did it work before 0.7.9 / how will it work now in 0.8.0?


After firing Main Guns, a ship gets 20 seconds of concealment penalty (sometimes referred as “gun bloom”).

There could be two penalties – regular “after firing main guns”, which is equal to the ship’s main gun range and “after firing main guns from smoke”, which is always less.

For the sake of explanation, let’s not consider any “x-ray” detection methods: Radar, HAS and Proximity. They are irrelevant to this subject.


Let’s take an example with 2 ships – “Target” and “Observer”. Observer does not see Target, but it is in Target’s “after firing main guns” concealment range and beyond “after firing main guns from smoke”. Both ships are currently out in open water, without any line of sight (LoS) interruption.


  1. If Target fires it’s main guns, it will get 20 seconds of “after firing main guns” concealment debuff. Observer will detect it.
  2. Option A: If target moves behind an island afterwards, Observer stops detecting it (as LoS is interrupted), but the concealment debuff stays.
  3. Option B: if target moves behind or within smoke screen, Observer stops detecting it (as LoS is interrupted by smoke, and Observer is beyond Target’s “after firing main guns from smoke” concealment range). The concealment value now is “after firing main guns from smoke”.
  4. If a target, WITHIN these 20 seconds moves out of smoke/cover, Observer detects it again. Target concealment value is “after firing main guns” again (until 20 seconds expire).
  5. Clarification: concealment changes are well illustrated by minimap, if you turn the advanced option on.
  6. Clarification: 20 seconds timer starts ONLY if Target was detected when/as a result of firing main guns.


What was different with this bug and what changed?


Points 2-4 worked differently. To be precise, as soon as Target broke LoS with Observer, the timer was just canceled regardless of any further Target movement.


From gameplay point of view this allowed players to disengage more aggressively sometimes. Although, if we sum up everything “before” and “after” 0.8.0, it can be worded in only two changes:


  1. If Target moves to/behind smoke screen after firing main guns, its concealment in 0.8.0 will be “after firing main guns from smoke” instead of “2 km aka X-Ray only” – for 20 seconds after firing.
  2. If Target moves breaks LoS (cover, smoke) but then LoS is restored, its concealment in 0.8.0 will be “after firing main guns” instead of base – for 20 seconds after firing.


It should be noted that these cases may indeed be important sometimes, but overall, they are very minor and do not affect game balance in any way.


Then, why do you “fix” something that works fine and does not break anything?


To answer this, we should very clearly distinguish gameplay aspect and tech aspect.


Technically, this is a bug in the visibility system code – and it must be fixed. Even if the result of this bug is fine (or even enjoyable), the way it is “implemented” is very dangerous for game stability overall. Such bugs cannot be controlled and we cannot be sure that they won’t create additional side effects with other game components in the future.


Gameplay-wise, we have two points for fixing it. First, we believe that consistency in 20 seconds bloom time will make the visibility system more comprehensible – on an intuitive level. Secondly, and this is even more important, this bug may lead to a scenario when a huge ship can fire its main guns, and then immediately go undetected by breaking its LoS with a tiny island – and that plays, looks and feels weird.


However, there are strong arguments FOR the “bugged” mechanics. Many of you expressed the opinion that this mechanic promotes active play and brings better risk/reward by allowing players to disengage faster in some cases. We take these arguments very seriously.


What will happen now?


Fixing this bug in 0.8.0 is still a thing. As explained before, the risks of leaving it are too high, and we believe it’s not worth it.


However, we are not going to ignore the positive effects of this bug and your feedback on it. We are going to implement these effects as a proper feature of the game’s visibility system. It will take some time, as right now 0.8.1 is almost done and is being prepared for testing, with 0.8.2-0.8.3 in active development. But regardless of the tight schedule we are committed on delivering this change as soon as possible. We will keep you updated.


In the meantime, thank you all for your input and desire to make the game better.
Action stations!

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Thank you for fixing this, even if it has taken how long?

So, that doesn't bode well for the CV re-balancing does it? How many months of this hogwash will we have to endure before CV's are scrapped?

Before...or after the console version is announced?

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Alpha Tester
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Would like to be able to get into game first, before trying to work all this out.

Even since the new patch i get caught up in the load in screen, and have even copped a warning for that, and since the last time i have tried i have probably been banned now....for something that WG caused !

Fix your friggin server first. I know its your server as i have two accounts 1 on NA and one on ASIA. I can play on the NA but not the ASIA...

Balls in your court!

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