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FPS drop while alt-tabbing

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1. Description
My FPS drops from stable 75 to 40-45 after I alt-tab to another desktop application 

2. Reproduction steps
1. Open world of warships client (doesn't matter on port or in a battle)

2. Alt-tab into another desktop application (whatever application: web browsers, file explorer, or even calculator)

3. Alt-tab back into the wows client

3. Result
In-game FPS drops from screen refresh rate before alt-tabbing to 40-45 after alt-tabbing back into the game. 

4. Expected result
No difference whatsoever before or after alt-tabbing in/out of wows client.


5. Technical details

My system:

Windows 10 update 1809

Ryzen 5 1600, 16GB RAM, GTX 1060 6GB with latest driver.

WOWS Client on Ultra, graphic settings Very High.

6. Extra Information

This bug started happening with the 0712 patch. It can be solved by closing the other desktop application and then alt-tabbing back into the game.

But really, it shouldn't happen to begin with. It's not like we can only use one app (the wows client) at one time.

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