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ST, British CVs

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British CVs are coming soon to World of Warships. For now they are undergoing super test and we're happy to tell you about their features.

British CV branch will include 4 ships:

  • Hermes, tier IV
  • Furious, tier VI
  • Implacable, tier VIII
  • Audacious, tier X.

The common feature of all British planes will be a large HP pool.

A generous number of bombs and an unusual way to drop them is a unique trait of British bombers. If you're able to predict your target's maneuver, you're going to inflict more damage than bombers of other nations. But because British planes aren't diving, the target has more time and chances to lessen the effect of the bombing run.

Attack aircraft carry a large number of fast rockets. As for British torpedoes, they have pretty short range, but are fast to arm and aim. This makes it possible to launch them at almost point-blank range.

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.

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why always a  odd number sir of level what will happen to the even level of cv im know it a little bit unfair for example of battle if the aircraft level 6 or 8 just guest be in random battle withe the all ship is tier 5 and tier 4 haw can we win in this possible sytem ..and also it ruin the gameplays seriously ..im agree with reworks of cv gameplay but not the level  of the cv sir .. ihope wargaming will please consider about this .. for all player have the odd level of cv  will be compenstate ..is compenstate will be affordable? who loves plays the cv from level 4 to 10 with determination to achieve the level of each cv i hope wargaming please  reconsider about this .. sir.. 


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