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ST. Surveillance Radar. Interface improvement. Flooding.

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Surveillance Radar changes

The delay to the effect of Surveillance Radar for allies has been added. So, whilst an outline of the Radar'd vessel will show on the minimap it won't be rendered for allies until 6 seconds has passed, provided the target has been in the radar zone the whole time. All detected targets will immediately appear on the minimap. The interaction of the ship using the Surveillance Radar and the detected target remains unchanged with no delay being added.

This change offers some counter-play for DDs and CL with smoke screens, so that they can make a maneuver to evade biggest part of the enemy fire.

Due to the change in the mechanics, some ships will receive an increase of the Radar duration:
- Black from 20 to 22 seconds;
- Hsienyang from 15 to 20 seconds;
- Chung Mu from 17 to 22 seconds;
- Yueyang from 20 to 25 seconds;
- Dmitri Donskoi from 20 to 25 seconds;
- Kronshtadt from 20 to 25 seconds;
- Moskva from 25 to 30 seconds;
- Stalingrad from 25 to 30 seconds.

As a result, these ships will increase their individual effectiveness against destroyers, and the time when the team can help them with focused fire, will not change.

Radar range has been standardized for cruisers:
- The Radar range of the Soviet cruisers Chapayev, Dmitri Donskoi, Kronshtadt, Moskva, Stalingrad has been increased from 11.7 to 12 km;
The Radar range of the American light cruisers Cleveland, Seattle, Worcester will remain the same 9 km, and 8.5 km for Atlanta;
The Radar range of the American heavy cruisers:

-  - Baltimore's goes up from 9 to 10 km;
-  - Buffalo 's goes up from 9,4 to 10 km;
-  - Des Moines's goes up from 9,9 to 10 km;
-  - Indianalopis's goes up from 9,9 to 10 km;
-  - Alaska's goes up from 9,4 to 10 km;

-  - Salem's remains the same 8,5 km;
-  - Wichita remains the same 9 km.

For British cruisers:

- - Edinburgh's goes up from 9 to 10 km;

- - Neptune goes up from 9.4 to 10 km;

- - Minotaur goes up from 9.9 to 10 km;

- - Belfast remains the same 8.5 km.

Interface improvement

The different indicators for Radar, Hydroacoustic Search and guaranteed detection have been added.

As a result, it will be easier to understand how the ship has been detected.

When an ally uses a radar or Hydroacoustic Search, there will be a special icon over the ship, and an automatic message about the consumable usage will be shown in the team chat.

A visual effect of the initiating radar has been added.

This will allow you to cooperate more effectively with your allies using the radar.

Flooding changes

The new flooding mechanics will be implemented similar to those of fire mechanics:
- The ship can suffer two floodings: on the stern and on the bow.
- Flooding cannot be inflicted on a part of the ship that is already flooding.

The flooding duration without modifiers has been reduced:

- 30 seconds remain for CVs;
from 90 to 40 seconds for other classes.

The rate of hit points loss has been reduced:
- from 0.667% to 0.25% per second for CVs;
from 0.667% to 0.5% per second for battleships and Kronshtadt, Stalingrad, Azuma and Alaska cruisers;
from 0.667% to 0.25% per second for cruisers and destroyers;
from 0.667% to 0.375% per second for Admiral Graf Spee and HSF Admiral Graf Spee.

Flooding will reduce the power of the engine of any ships, when moving forward by 30% and when moving back by 60%.

For example, British Conqueror BB gets flooding in the bow because it's hit by torpedo:

- Pre-rework flooding would cause ~49 800 damage if it is not stopped;

- New flooding would cause much less damage ~ 16600;

- Two simultaneous floodings would still cause less damage ~33 200.

As for cruisers and DDs, flooding damage goes down even further for them. Let's see Kagero for example:

- Pre-rework flooding would cause up to ~9 000 damage, probably killing partially damaged ship:

- New flooding takes around ~1500 damage.

These changes will make flooding less painful for new players and will allow experienced players more efficient usage of the ship's combat capability. Flooding will cause less damage to cruisers and destroyers. However, it will still be extremely dangerous for them, as the reduced power of the engine will greatly affect the survival of these classes of ships.

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.

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14 minutes ago, seezer said:

Indianalopis's goes up from 9,9 to 10 km;


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