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Commonwealth of Nations Destroyer Tech Tree Suggestion

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Hi Wargameing Dev team,

While playing the UK destroyer line it got me thinking, the Commonwealth of Nations fought along side with the British during WW2 in both Atlantic and Pacific theater. And after looking around the internet, I found that it is possible to create a Commonwealth of Nations destroyer line like the Pan-Asia destroyer line.

Commonwealth of Nations playstyle/gimmik is the "Creeping Smoke Generator" and the "Individual Torpedo Launch" (Haida and Perth), where as Pan-Asia is "Deep Water Torpedo".
The playstyle almost mirrors British DD, smoke, harrass, torp, flee. Almost. But if wargameing has other ideas to make the playstyle unique, I welcome it.

Here is what I have come up with when looking around the internet:

T1 Swan (AU) -> (Grimsby Class)
Note: Its T1

DD Line
T2 Champlain (CA) -> HMS Torbay (S Class, T Class)
Close to HMS Medea

T3 Vancouver (CA) -> HMS Vimy (V Class, W Class)
Mirrors HMS Valkyrie

T4 Waterhen (AU) -> HMS Waterhen (V Class, W Class)
Mirrors HMS Wakeful

T5 Saguenay (CA) -> (A Class, B Class)
Mirrors HMS Acasta

T6 Ottowa (CA) -> HMS Griffin (G Class, H Class)
Mirrors HMS Galant

T7 Napier (AU) -> (J Class, K Class, N Class)
Mirrors HMS Jervis

T8 Iroquoise (CA) or Ananta (AU) -> ("Tribal" Class)
Mirrors HMCA Haida
Note: Armed with 6 120 mm guns insted of 8 of the Cossack

T9 Anzac (AU) -> ("Battle" Class)
Mirrors HMS Jutland

T10 Voyager (AU) -> (Daring Class)
Mirrors HMS Daring
Note: HMAS Vampire already used in T3 and Voyager sounds nice compared to Vampire and Vendetta (Personal Opinion). Like the Voyager satellite. Maybe they can do a unique Camo after space battles. 🙂


And lets not forget our Kiwi friends as well, but will be premium cruiser ships
T6 Leander (NZ) -> HMS Leander (Leander Class) - CL
Mirrors HMS Leander

T6 Ontario or Quebec (CA) -> HMS Valiant (Queen Elizabeth Class) - BB
Mirrors HMS Warspite
Note: She was never built, but when Canada plans to build her, she would look line Queen Elizabeth in her 2nd refit in 1926 (with 1 smoke stack but retains the original bridge and secondary armaments of 6 in guns)

T7 Gambia (NZ) -> HMS Gambia (Fiji Class) CL
Mirrors HMS Fiji

T7 Canberra (AU) -> HMAS Australia (Kent Class) - CA
Mirrors HMS Kent
Note: HMS Kent is not yet available in the game as of writing.

Foot Note:
CA = Canada
AU = Australia
NZ = New Zealand

I hope that you like this suggestion and let me know if I have missed other DD that might mirror them in their respective tiers.

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