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Selecting lines as a newbie

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I’d like the forum’s views on which lines I should grind as a newbie, especailly which destroyer line i should grind.

I understand the basics of wows because I have over 6,000 games played on world of warships blitz (and nearly 40,000 in world of tanks blitz, although this isnt so relevant).  I have just started playing world of warships on PC (or macbook in my case) and am still coming to grips with the controls and game system.


I dont think I want to grind too many lines.  I’d rather pick a good and competitive line of each ship type and learn to play them well for my first 10,000 games lol.  I’d like to pick all-round lines that are generalists.

I generally play by myself, not in division.  This is a major factor in deciding on which lines to grind because i want to be relatively independant and not too team reliant.


I have decided to grind the RN BB line because I think it will be a fun all-round line that is competitive through the tiers.  I like the idea of good concealment, super heal and strong HE in a BB.

I have decided on the IJN cruiser line because of its all-round capabilities and consistency throughout the line. I think it will be a good line to learn PC gameplay.  I like the flat gun arcs and HE spam.  In some ways, I think it will be a similar gameplay to the RN BBs.

I am not interested in playing CVs at this stage.


So that leaves destroyers.  I am trying to decide between the USN Gearing line and the KM Z52 line.  Both a generalist DD lines and good cap contenders.  I get the sense that the z52 line is less team reliant and I am leaning towards it because of this.


Any thoughts re my approach to selecting initial lines to grind?  In particular, any thoughts re Z52 vs Gearing line as a newbie looking for a generalist DD?

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G'Day Promethues,

I agree with #Gummilicious, you will find the USN DD line more rewarding. The ships provide a nicely paced learning curve as you progress through the tech-tree. The KM DD are good however the learning curve becomes a little steep from T6 upwards due to their relatively high detection radii.

You might consider the USN Cruiser lines. Aside from T6 (Pensacola and Dallas are not the best ships), the USN ships are solid performers which reward positioning, ammunition selection and mini-map awareness. The USN ships benefit from very useful consumables and the tech-split at T6 will allow you to compare CA versus CL game play. Alternatively you may opt for the RN line. The ships up to Tier 5 are nothing special but develop their own distinctive play style from T6 Leander upwards.

Best of luck sailing whichever ship lines you decide to pursue,


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