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Rewards for op-week/Scenario Battles

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I'm a little disappointed with the Scenario Battles because of the reward system. When these battles are commenced early in the year, the first time they are played you are issued with a reward for each star achieved. The gaol is to achieve 5 stars for the battle and in so doing, be issued with the relative awards for each star. This is quite satisfying when you first complete this battle, but as the weeks roll on, you play a new scenario battle every week and receive more rewards for each star achieved for the battle. After completing all the scenario battles that are available, you return to the original scenario battle and begin the cycle again. There are numerous benefits to doing these battles over and over again however, the rewards that are granted for achieving the stars, are only issued ONCE. The first time you obtain a star for the battle, the reward is issued on that date and never issued again. Herein lies the disappointment! Would it break the WOWS bank to issue the rewards when the cycle brings it around again. Each time that particular battle is designated for that week (op of week battle) you should be issued with rewards for achieving the stars for that battle. Whether they are same or different rewards it doesn't matter, as long as the rewards are available again. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the rewards should be issued everytime the battle is played... NO. I'm only  suggesting that each time that battle comes around, I feel robbed when I don't receive any rewards for achieving the stars again. You apply yourself to achieve the stars, but there is no reward for the same efforts applied this time around. Instead there is disappointing "Issued" stamped on each star that you worked for and it feels very disappointing indeed. Should WOWS change this aspect of Scenario Battles, I'm certain that there would be more players interested in playing these battles. I suppose we can only hope?

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I did some ops recently with people who had either never done them, or had not 5 starred them.

Their squeals of delight and joy as they got their first time/only time rewards were a treasure to behold!

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