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Round 2 CV Rework My opinion

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Hello Captains!

So I played with CV most I could and I found some pros and cons, these are just my opinion.


->Harder to play and more fun than the present one in the original game.(I wasn't there for round 1)

->All planes are balanced except for the rocket planes because of their low damage at t10



->Enemy AA too strong except for BB's

->Frequency of fighters launched from CV should be reduced( seems too powerful to approach a CV)

->1 squad of Dive Bombers can basically strike only once against CV's( Too strong AA, Bombers functionality is very minimal.They make too less of a difference)

->US t10 bombers need a lil buff(just my opinion) and Japanese bombers are perfect if it weren't for AA being too strong.

-> Post battle service is tooo expensive for CV. With premium, you cannot make a buck. You can make credits only if you have a camo + premium.I feel this just makes the game too hard to play. You lose money for every battle you play.


Some bugs I noticed:

->Sometimes after a squadron dies, you return to the ship and the screen shows press F to go to carrier even if you can control the carrier.

->The name for torp bombers of hosho is not set

So that's my view from t10 CV's

From Yamato's perspective

Enemy Planes dominate battleships and that seems absolutely perfect from a historical standpoint. Yamato cannot do much against enemy planes.BB AA seems to just a little underpowered but it's fine because it provides a challenge.

That's it,A newbie's perspective of the rework.I know some of you might disagree. If you have the time just drop down a reply telling things you disagree and agree.



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Added another bug

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