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RN Cruisers

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After getting nearly deleted in my Shima by a Minotaur, I decided to start the RN cruiser line. Any tips? I'll probably get a 10 point commander to start off. What would be the best skills, upgrades and strategies to use? For reference, I've played IJN cruisers and KM cruisers.

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I can provide you with the basics, at least:

Slot 4 is either Smoke or Radar. Radar can be crucial when playing competitively.

Slot 4: Damage Con Mod 2 or Steering Gear Mod 2. Both can help you survive longer.
Slot 5: Concealment 1 is universal, except for CVs.
Slot 6: Main Battery 3 or AA Gun 3 if you're into AA build.

Captain skills:
1-point: PM.
2-point: JoaT. AR and LS are somewhat good, but low priority.
3-point: Superintendent (SI), then BoS if you want.
4-point: CE. AFT if you want AA build. RL if you play competitively.
These ships don't have HE shells so DE and IFHE are no-no.

Don't brawl against BBs and other cruisers, unless you can unload your torps and sail away. Don't show your broadside, ever, to anyone. Hug islands all the times.

And to what I think of the bane known as Minotaur, look at my signature right below.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but from my experience so far, Royal Navy cruisers are mostly rely on what consumable they take to battle. You can't rely on your armor,  your main guns can't fire HE, and some of them got the shortest main gun range compare to other nation cruisers. But your AP shells had different characteristic compared to other nation cruisers.

Prepare to struggle a lot,  but if you manage to get it through, you will drive one of the most deadly cruisers on WoWs.


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I think RN CLs have better survivability than US CLs. Or at least they do when I play.

While I have Cleveland, I went back to get the Dallas and Helena (mostly to see what the rememberance camo looks like on Helena).

I serverly dislike both ships, though this is mostly because I lack the skills in them.

Leander and Fiji were much better ships.

What they lack in HE and Def AA, they make up for with repair, smoke, and torpedoes. Making them a very annoying ship to face. Yes, their armor is still as weak as other CLs, but they at least have tools that help survivability which a cunning and careful captain can use to be an utter pain to the enemy.

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