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Operation Dynamo Suicides

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I and the other members of my clan have noticed a major increase in people immediately committing suicide by minefield at the very beginning of Operation Dynamo.

Looking at the maths, it takes about 2 minutes to suicide out of the battle and the average post battle XP for doing this was about 850XP as opposed to maybe 2000-2500 for the highest players after more than 15 minutes of gameplay.

So it is currently more effective time-wise to suicide out of battles and rely on the rest of the team to win (which because the operation is so easy that's still fairly likely)

My suggestion is that if a player is killed by the minefield within the fist 5 minutes of Dynamo they should be considered AFK and have their rewards zeroed

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If you are having this problem please report unsportsmanlike behaviour in the following location:

Further comment can be found at the following location:


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