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Kamikaze Clock

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Hi Ladies and Gents,

What is the purpose of the analogue Clock Face mounted on the rear mast of the Kamikaze? It is quite prominent and given the attention to detail WG exhibits with the ship modelling, I assume it must have some purpose.

Kamikaze and Mutsuki both have the Clock Face mounted on rear mast facing astern. The Minekaze has one mounted on the foremast, facing forward. A quick peruse of the Tech Tree did not identify any other DD equipped with this bit of kit.


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Shamelessly copy-pasted after a 3 second google search


In the days before WWII, the most accepted formation for battleships was the line of battle, where ships would line up nose to tail and fire broadsides at the enemy. The British found that due to the poor visibility in the North Sea, further hampered by funnel and gunfire smoke, it was fairly rare for all the ships in the line of battle to actually see the enemy. So large dials resembling clock faces were added to the front of the fore mast, and to the rear of the main mast, trainable to 30 degrees off center.

Once a ship found the range to the target, it would display the range on the dials, with one hand indicating thousands of yards + 10,000, and the other hundreds of yards. So if both hands were on the 1, the range to target was 11,100 yards. Hash marks, called bearing indicators, were painted on the main gun turrets, giving observers the angle to target. With the range and bearing data from the ship in front or behind them to feed into their range keeping tables (fire control computers to us Yanks), and the proper adjustments made for the distance between the ships, their location in formation, etc, the gunnery officers on a battleship could target their guns on an enemy they could not see with a fair degree of accuracy. They could then pass the information on to the next ship in line, allowing the entire battle line to concentrate fire on an unseen enemy.



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