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How are British Tech tree Strength??

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Im comlnsidering grinding into that line after i get my first tier 10

So im wondering how does it conpare to other nations?? 

What are some of the strength and weakness for this nation? 

Are there some things i should know for BB CA DD brits?


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I would say, British lines are much more specialized. For example, the CLs only use AP shells, and the BBs are specialized for HE use since their AP is terrible.

All three lines have extremely good concealment compared to most of their peers. 


CL: Up to tier 5 they are pretty bad, from T6 to T10 every single one of them is fantastic.

BB: No brainier gameplay style. The dreadnoughts are typical, just use HE for most cases. QE is a bit crappy. T7 to T10 are HE spammers with really good concealment. But you need to be careful not to get focused.

DD: Up to tier 6/7, they are pretty meh, just as any other line. T8 is fantastic and it goes better for T9 and T10, however you need IFHE for the last two. Be careful, smoke duration is extremely short.

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