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Please help me with invite code?

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so basically my friend gave me a link to invite me into wows, saying that I could get some rewards like a T2 Diana soviet prem after playing 1 game.

he also told me to look up some invite codes to pair up and I stumbled on youtubers who were sponsored and gave out invite codes. (t2 Campbelltown,250 doubloons, 1mil creds, 3 prem days)

So what I did was click the link my friend sent to me(https://playtogether.worldofwarships.asia/invite/YAlnLXr), and in the "create account" tab put in the invite code "PLAYWARSHIPS2018" to create this account.

I've played through the introduction mission, a few games of co-op and random battles as well, still I didn't get any rewards. I understand that the invite code might have only been valid for other servers, thus I didn't get the rewards as stated, but what about the rewards I should have gotten from the "Invite a friend" program? I don't know how to get the rewards. 

If anyone knows how to help, please comment here. Much appreciated.

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I think by putting in the other invite code you overridden your friend's invite. And then may be you don't get rewards for this server. That's a possible explanation.

Open a new account with another invite link, it works as I have gotten for EU. But in all honesty, the reward ships are next to useless. You will probably never play them anyway.

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