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Next April Fools day event

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The community have chosen its champion; The ship, the myth, the legend, Kitakami.

So how about we make all kind of torpedoes for her?

-Normal Torpedoes. why not?

-Flaming torpedoes. will start fire.

-Healing torpedoes. TK is now a good action.

-EMP torpedo. better chance for incapacitation

In Ocean map and make it smaller.

would prefer 9vs9 but why not 15vs15.

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A torpedo that releases salt.

Automatically activates if said torp causes ship to sink...Plays waa waa waa fail horn which is audible to the player whose ship just died...




( Yes, yes, Professor, I know that by adding salt, the water will become denser, thus giving objects in it more buoyancy, etc, etc....this is arcade.)

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