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never go full yolo

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unless you have battleship guns and torps to boot



sneak level 100








Tirpitz best German DD confirmed





this is why the RN didnt want tirpitz to get out of the fjords 

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I came here to see detonation.

There was no detonation.

I am disappointed...


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9 hours ago, dieselhead said:

you have to yolo in tirpiz just to get close enought to hit anything lool

IKR, Its not like KMS BB drivers have much of a choice - it's either #YOLO or scattered long range salvos 🤣 

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This reminds me of a Rolemaster class called Bashkar. I never played it. But my brothers and roleplaying friends would often remark and laugh about this class.

Rolemaster is one of those systems where you have classes but almost any class can learn anything - it's just more expensive if you learn things outside your theme.

So when you look at the development costs for a Knight class for example it might cost you 2/4 (2 for first and 4 for second) ranks in "One Handed Melee Weapon" per level and 20 just to buy one pick in a spell list per level.

When you looked at the Bashkar's skills, they were all about wearing no armour and going berserk in hand to hand. He seemed to be a drooling monster who is just as likely to rip off your arm and beat you to death with it as it was for him to use any weapons that he brought.

But he had very cheap subterfuge and ambush skills.

So we pictured this massive drooling hulk, who could, for short periods, keep his frothing rage and battle cries quiet to sneak up on someone or wait in ambush.

We always assumed it would be very hard for him. The joke became that behind any bush there could be a combat monster, quietly muttering and drooling on himself in a constant inner battle to remain quiet enough to backstab his enemies.

But when it worked, the enemy would find themselves in melee with a raging monster with little to no warning!

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