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Several in game issues

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All of these issues have commenced since 7.11 was installed previous to that none of the listed issues had been present or noticed if they were there and the game ran close to perfectly

1. At login the loading screen need to be connected at least twice every time I load the game ( that is the big orange button) when pressed it goes dull and the chimes are heard but it comes back to being high lighted 

2. The game is crashing frequently, prior to 7.11 I only experienced a small number of crashes over 3 years now it's happening regularly.

3. When in game there are "phantom" enemies appearing on screen, not shown on the mini map and only appear for a split second up to 2-3 seconds

My actions to resolve these issues have been to reload the game several times and keep a close eye on my internet speeds

Anyway, if someone has any ideas I'd appreciate your thoughts 


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Just a bump to 1

Also ships in range, in bot matches, mysteriously disappearing for a brief moment at a frequently consistent time, that being just before guns are reloaded.   

These ships are within normal detection ranges..


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