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Flooding Suggestion from Waterline Episode 3.2

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Hi Wargameing Dev Team,

I have look in the video about flooding and how much it is one dimensional.

Current flooding mechanics is 90 seconds and 1 flooding with 20% reduction in speed.

Although the devs are currently looking at solutions like making the flooding multiple and possibly shorter time flooding until it self repairs?


I would like to suggest a new repair consumable for this, lets call it "Seal Compartment (lets say "F" Button. Below "R" button for easy reach)". Warships who got hit by torpedo, will suffer instant flooding, (except ships with torpedo protection), and you just used your repair consumable for 3 fires and its on cooldown.


Ship will stop flooding damage


Ship is flooded. 20% speed reduction.

Seal Compartment will stop the flooding, BUT, the compartment is now flooded. You will not receive flooding damage, but you will suffer the 20% power reduction as you are flooded until repair module comes up after cool down or repairs itself.


Once you have used the "Seal Compartment" consumable, should the flooded compartment continue the "countdown time till self-repair" after being torpedoed or after using the consumable? This may need to be debated.


NOTE: As watching the episode, the Devs, has not yet mention if the flooding time will be change at 90 seconds. Maybe they might change it like how fire works? For DD 30 secs, CA/CA 60 secs, and BB 90 secs, or maybe not.


Additional for Captain skill (Devs may or may not implement)

Since flooding may become multiple like fire, should modify a Lv.4 Captain skill. "Fire Prevention" now becomes "Fire and Flooding Prevention"

Same concept, with this skill, 4 fires becomes 3 and -10% on catching fire. Likewise, 4 floods becomes 3 and -10% on flooding (if that's going to help increase the ship survivability, especially BB)


Basic of Survivability, Damage Control System Mod 2 stack also apply to lessen the time of both fire and flooding.


All this are merely suggestions. If the Devs like it, Im happy. If not, I would like to see what they plan to implement. :)

And always, God Luck, Have Fun. :) 

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