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Possible Vanguard Buff

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Hey everyone, 

So I've been playing my brand new Vanguard for a bit, and not doing particularly well in it. Now I'm not saying it is a bad ship (I think it would be far more accurate to say I'm not the best player in the world,) but I DO think that compared to some of its contemporaries...it could use a little love. So, in the interest of giving my own (very limited) thoughts on the subject, here are three possibilities to buff the vanguard and make it just a tiny-bit more competitive: 

1) Buffed Secondaries: 
Now this one might get a few eye rolls at first, and that is understandable. Right now we have a plethora of good-secondary type ships in the game that can spit out walls of firepower at anyone in range...my suggestion here is to make the Vanguard just a little bit different than those other ships. First off: the Vanguard does not have a LOT of secondaries by any stretch. Heck, to my knowledge, none of the British BB's do. I'm not suggesting to change that. What I am suggesting is to keep the reload, the shells, and the guns that she already has but, instead buff the range (maybe up to Bismark levels, maybe even a bit higher,) and to especially buff the *accuracy* of the Vanguard's secondaries. 

Think about that for a second. How cool (and thematic) would it be to have secondaries that could reliably hit even small targets (destroyers) repeatedly for the entire time they were in range? The limited firing angles they already have would actually make sense in this case, providing a sort of nerf to what could otherwise be an unpopular mechanic. Enemy DD's that sneak up on you would have to keep in your relative blind spots, because if they went broadside they could be reliably brought down quickly and efficiently.

2) Main Gun Reload Booster: 
The Jean Bart showed us all one thing: that Reload Booster's for the main battery are insanely powerful. If you did a similar thing here with the Vanguard you could quickly, and easily, show the world the power of British guns once and for all. This one is sort of a no brainer, and might actually make the ship overpowered...so it would have to be done carefully if it were to work. 

3) Unique Damage Control Consumable: 
This one would also be quite thematic, representing the advances in battleship design for the "last battleship" and all that. Either you can give the damage control a very fast cooldown (similar to the Oktober Revolution tier 5 Russian,) or perhaps make the damage control also give a slight heal effect (like a minor version of "repair party"). Either way we could get a little more unique flavor in the consumable, and help to make the Vanguard a longer lasting ship. 

Well, that is just about it. In summary I would like to say that I would be interested in seeing ONE of these changes made to the ship, and two or three of them. Doing something crazy like adding all three would make the ship crazy overpowered and that is NOT what I'm after here. 

Of course, I know that the likelihood of any of my suggestions being taken to heart is minuscule, but it is fun to dream 🙂 

Let me know what you guys think!

And, as always: Good luck, and smooth seas!   

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Main gun reload booster is a special gimmick for French premium, idk if it's possible for other nation. also it's overpower for t8 if Vanguard has Main gun reload boos ter

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