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Stalingrad OP....Henry4 and Moskva just become crap, and KRI Irian is badly need buff


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  1. 1. Krongstat OP???

  2. 2. Stalingrad OP???

  3. 3. Henry4 and Moskva need buff?

  4. 4. will you buy KRI Irian if its have Repair Party + Infinite AADF + 18.1km range?

    • Will buy, buffed or not
    • not interested, even WG buff it with 15km radar + 10 smoke

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ok i dont have moskva and dont give shet, BUT HENRY4 IS BADLY NEED BUFF

STALINGRAD GOT RADAR + 305mm laser railgun + 72K HP + andd 35KNOT SPEEEEEEEEEDD.....


now look, what is unique feature of Henry4 when released? 240mm GUN!

even Kronstat is laughing..... and whut?

and the most worst... WG wrong buffing french CA...Only T6~T9 got buff "Reload Boosta".... they forget henry4

now Martel will rekt anything that spotted....


well, i know WG cannt buff Henry4 due to "balance" policies... and also they will remove Kronkstat soon..... and stalingrad is unobtainable....

so better buff KRI Irian with Repair Party, infinite AADF and 19km range.... 


unlike kronstat and stalingrad, KRI Irian will become basic premium ship. EVERYONE HAVE ACCESS, that is fair


or nerf those stalingrad+kronstat, REMOVE THEIR RADAR or make em short 10km




ok, the truth is....

i am just getting radared in DD by stalingrad, worces and des meme is well balanced because it still easily killable....

THIS STALINGRAD IS OP, not only its radar, but the gun is truly devastating.... 2 cruiser + 1 Mushashi got rekt SINGLEHANDEDLY BY STALINGRAD


whuuaaat? i thought Kronstat is already problematic.... but....

ough, what is more annoying is the long range radar, i cannt smoke firing -_-


dear WG, a simple nerf to stalingrad : burn fire should last 1 min + BB DCP

atleast BB is burn-able..... Stalingrad have no weakness.....

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"I sailed full broadside to Stalingrad like a potato and got deleted, that ship is soooo op.. nerf WarGaming!"

If you can't work out the severe weaknesses of Stalingrad then there's no helping you.

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