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Special Commanders

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I have the Special Russian hockey player, both Russian and USA version.

What ship class are they good for? Are they good with DDs or CLs or CAs????

(Please no specific ship as I am working on line grinding and no prems as I only have Italian ones and ARPS.)

Thank you guys. 

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Hi BunnyDragon,

The Russian Mr Ovechkin special skills are ideal for VMF DD.

  • Expert Marksman for the increased turrent traverse. VMF DD can usually out turn their turrents, so this skill helps a lot;
  • Survivability Expert for the extra Hit Points. VMF DD usually have a decent HP pool but extra HP will keep you in the battle longer.

The American Mr Ovechkin is a bit more difficult to pigeon hole.

  • Expert Marksman is not really necessary on USN DD although it can assist in a knife fight;
  • Survivability Expert for the extra Hit Points works well for USN DD.

My suggestion is that you consider using American Mr Ovechkin on the CL branch of the tech tree.

  • Whilst you don't get the maximum benefit from Expert Marksman, the extra traverse rate certainly helps;
  • The benefit of the extra HP is not as great % wise for a CL versus a DD. The Survivability Expert bonus of 400/tier will certainly give you greater staying power in these somewhat fragile ships.

I hope you enjoy playing the ship(s) you place Mr Ovechkin(s) on.


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They are good for DDs since you get better SE. Their skillset do not fit in any optimal build for any class. You gotta use only one or two skills at most.

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