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HMS Thunder Child

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It would be interesting but one of the many questions would be what version of HMS Thunder Child would they make? The version from the original story is based on the 1881 torpedo ram ship HMS Polyphemus, WoWS could class it as a Cruiser though it isn't really. The version from the cover art of Jeff Wayne's musical version of 'World of the Worlds' is based on the Canopus-class pre-dreadnought battleships built between 1896 and 1902. This would probably be the version everyone would want and WG has included a pre-dreadnought battleship before in the form of the Japanese ship Mikasa. Next issue is licencing; is the 'World of the Worlds' story now open domain due to its age or has H. G. Wells' estate renewed copyrights on it. And also would they need permission for whom ever holds the copyright on the album cover art of the Jeff Wayne's musical version.

Don't get me wrong I would love to see HMS Thunder Child in the game. I was a kid when my parents brought the Jeff Wayne album in 1978 (the art-work of the red weed used to terrify me as it looked like a river of blood) but I've always loved the music and the battle of Thunder Child vs. the Martians. Anyway I think we could do with a few pre-dreadnought battleships added to the game, for example the German battleship SMS Schleswig-Holstein that fired the opening shots of WW2 while in the harbour of Gdańsk, Poland (watch footage below, I think this is some of the most surreal footage ever captured) under the guise of a ceremonial visit. 




Also here is actual track of Thunder Child, Max_Battle's attachment above will cycle though to this track eventually but for those who can't wait: 


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