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A bug about CV reworked

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@HuginnKR you may want to check out these bugs with WoWS TST.

Problem :

Lexington big missle planes have a high tendency to distribute its hits on the edge of the eclipse for no apparent reason. They are also bugged with weirdo distribution ( suddenly big then small ) when activating speed boost.

Aiming reticle are white , making under certain map lightings completely invinsible and impossible to aim , esp if your squad is facing the sun.

Shoukaku have a bugged UI. When you launch planes , the UI disappear , the camera take you to the air and no squad appear , you are back to ship controlling and after a tons of diffrent buttons press and 5 minutes its back to normal.

The control sentivities are all off , both using mouse and WASD keys yield significantly different result in turning.

FT have some problem acquiring targets. Sometimes they ignore nearby enemies planes.

The sound system is broken , i hear sonar , radar and all sort of consumables activating when playing a CV !!! , esp when pressing FT consumables and DB heal.

The connection latency problem is the biggest hit. It jump all the way to 400 and 1000 when combat occur.  I cant do any meaningful testing when the ping jump like a madman.



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I also noted that the flak effects were causing severe loss of FPS, on my old potato by half. It made playtesting in any reasonable way basically impossible

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