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WoWS Dev Blog's bundle of new news

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Open all containers at once and solution(s) to quick command spamming. Good, really good. 

Arm Race will return as a fully fledged PvP mode (?) with improvements. Good news.

Radar rework is being considered to be like spotting. Radar wouldn't see through islands.

"For example, some buffs for researchable American battleships from tier III to tier IX, as well as Myogi, Izumo and Friedrich der Grosse are planned."
US BBs from Tier 3 to 7 are finally faster than snails? Don't think NC and Iowa need any buff at the moment, I could be wrong. About FdG, just buff the reload of 406 to 25s and 420 to 28s. The ship needs faster reload in compensation to the very few guns she has. Nothing else is needed. :Smile_coin:

Buffing cruiser's mid-hull plating. Against plunging fires and AP bombs?

Change(s) to IFHE. They mentioned a "systematic changes in plating". Shouldn't it be just the skills? Wouldn't such a systematic change of plating will affect overmatch mechanic more or less?

Changes to flooding mechanic to be less random.

Improvement of Tech tree UI.

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