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Premium Ship Package Option with all Doubloons

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In the past there has been Premium Ship Package Options with all Doubloons and no credits. Both the latest French releases haven't had this option.

As a long term player of World of Warships and a collector of ships (gotta catch them all!) I've been disappointed with the options available in the last two premium ship releases.

Whilst premium ships are arguably overpriced for a digital item, I'm prepared to pay the price if I believe I am getting some value from the package.

Unfortunately both the Jean Bart and Le Terrible packages that included their unique flags include a lot of items that any long term player of the game generally would not require. Items such as credits and some of the signals are pretty pointless if you have been playing long enough to have a substantial balance of all these in the game already. Even the 10 point captain is redundant if like me you have already got the Republique and a 19 point French BB Captain.

I understand that the package maybe targeted at new players but in the past there has usually been a 2nd Admirals package with at least a large number of doubloons and no credits.

Please bring back the Premium Ship Package Option with all Doubloons.

Whilst I'm happy to grind away and collect the coal to get the Jean Bart, I would like the special flags and am prepared to pay for them if the rest of the package is of value to me.

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